Jim Piatt Works:
  1981 to 2014
1968 to 1980

30 year jim piatt portraits

Jim Piatt (American, born 1945)

Since the late 60s conceptual artist and teacher Jim Piatt (American b. 1945) has worked in a wide range of media and formats. While his early action sculptures were fast and improvised his later art was meticulously finished and thematically dark. Throughout his artistic career he has been interested in the relationships between man, nature and later death.

Early Life
Jim was born May 12, 1945 and raised in a Mid-City neighborhood in San Diego California. He was the son of Juanita, a technical writer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and John an Aeronautical engineer for the US Navy.

His early interest in archaeology was quickly overshadowed by his talent in fine art at San Diego State University. He transferred to UCSD to join the newly formed and experimental Visual Arts Department in 1968. With instructors that are now renowned in the world of art like John Baldassari, Michael Todd, and visiting lectures, Andy Warhol, Richard Serra UCSD was at the forefront of new art in the late 60's and early 70's. In 1971 he earned his MFA.

Instructor, Sculpture and Design at UCSD from 1970 to 1971

Instructor, Design and Color Perception at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, Connecticut from 1971 to 1972

Instructor, Art history, Design and Advanced Sculpture at Northern State College, Aberdeen, South Dakota 1973 to 1975

Real Estate Developments
By this time Jim had a family, a wife, two daughters, a son and another son on the way. Much of his life became consumed with residential construction and commercial real estate ventures resulting in mixed success. With the exception of writings and sketches for pieces his art is set aside throughout the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s.

Return to Art
In the late 90’s having fewer family obligations Jim’s focus was split between Art and Real Estate. While he struggled to support himself through risky commercial developments he produces polished graphic work along with large sculptures. On the west bank of the LA River he converted a large warehouse to artist lofts where he lived, prospered and made art for a decade.

In 2013 Jim began to have symptoms of an illness that has limited his abilities. His knowledge of art has not been affected and he is interested in planning his next show.

Natural Prop, 1996, Sculpture Unidentified Crib, 1994, Gold and iron Terrorist Fashion, 1996, Inkjet prints

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