Jim Piatt Works:
  1981 to 2014
1968 to 1980

Imminent Art
Jim Piatt: Works from 1968 to 2014

Jim Piatt relied on concepts and ideas to create art instead of being limited by materialistic concerns. Not confined to painting or sculpture the action and process of making a work was a major part of the experience. Jim was often separated from the execution of his art by employing graphic designers, craftsmen, taxidermists and photographers.

1968 to 1980
The environment and the role of the artist changed when Jim brought Conceptual Art into the landscape with a series of experimental works at the beginning of his career. By applying Marcel Duchamp’s concept of the “Readymade” to space and nature he created art that was fast and improvised while constructed with available materials.

1981 to 2014
Meticulous and highly finished Jim’s later work reinterpreted established art movements and forms. A dark vision of Pop Art can be seen in his series of Terrorist Fashion advertisements. He replaced the lead in Richard Serra’s prop sculptures with domesticated and wild animals. Religious spaces depicted in Renaissance paintings were manifested in the physical world as dotted line structures and radiation.

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